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Create your own t-shirt to rep your city! In a few simple steps, every custom tee that is created has the potential of being featured on our official store for purchase nationwide. Shipping is free.


Choose a photo that you have taken of something in your city that you absolutely love. For example the best hole in the wall stores, street signs, view points, street art etc. Get Creative!


Tell us about your photo.Let us know why you love the items captured in the photo and tell us why you think your city is awesome! This will be the description everyone sees when they view your shirt in the store! Please put your Instagram handle in the box in the general information so people who buy your shirt can follow you!


Not all photos will be chosen to make it on the website! However, for the best chances to be featured on the site we have submission criteria for you to follow!

1) NO people or license plates in the photo!
2) High resolution! 3K minimum! Do not exceed 15MB.
3) Great description about your city!
4) File Types Accepted: JPG, JPEG, PNG, & TIFF.



I, , declare as follows:

1. I am over the age of 18 years and am the sole owner of the visual art image I am forwarding to The Where Abouts (“TWA”) for printing on clothing. A copy of the image is attached hereto and made a part of this authorization. The visual image has NOT been copyrighted but is an image considered to be “visual art” as defined in 17 U.S.C. Section 106A(e)2) and related state statutes. Along with the rights transferred is the right for R&C to apply and obtain a copyright on the subject image should they desire to do so.

2. I sell, transfer and grant, to TWA, Connor Rickman and/or Thomas Croft, or their designees, all rights, title and interest in the subject visual art, along with the unlimited and exclusive right to own and use the copyrightable image.

3. The photograph or image was taken or created by me on at and no other person has any rights to the visual art, photograph or image, or a related copyright, trademark, or service mark that would conflict with this authorization.

4. I understand that TWA intends to print or place this image on an article of clothing or other medium and advertise it for sale through various traditional and media channels, including, but not limited to, Facebook, the internet, Twitter, Instagram, email, posters, traditional print materials, and the like. I authorize and grant to TWA, as part of the complete and total transfer of all rights I might have previously owned or possessed, to add additional images, photographs, wording, slogans, and the like and to modify the image in any way they so choose. Rights and ownership, along with the unlimited and exclusive use the new or modified version(s) shall belong solely to TWA.

5. Consideration for this transfer of rights shall consist of some or all of the following:
(a) placement and marketing of the transferred image on social media;
(b) appropriate recognition, if asked and as appropriate, as the creator of the visual art;
(c) a one-time reduction in price of $1.00 U.S.D. from the regular charge to print the image on a single article of clothing, first order only; (d) receipt of “store credit” of one shirt for every 15 shirts sold with containing the subject image, up to a maximum of 15 free shirts.

6. I accept the consideration offered as reasonable and agreeable. I also waive any and all future rights, including the right to bring any future legal action to defeat this transfer and sale. This shall pertain to any action pertaining to enforcement or contest of rights under 17 U.S.C. Section 106 et sq. and any California statures governing the transfer of visual art, if any, present and future.

Please do not resubmit or click submit twice. Once you submit your form it will appear as though it has been cleared and started over, but there is a 5-10 second wait before it takes you to PayPal. Thank you for creating a shirt and we appreciate your patience.